About This Game

Hyper Rage is a game that's named after a novel I tried to write back in my teenage days in a Midwestern USA high school, but which I never bothered to finish as SAT testing and trying to sign up for an ROTC scholarship (I never ended up enlisting anyway so that was a waste of effort) killed the novelist effort altogether by my senior year.

This game is named after the novel and does not share its plot. It is a breakout / arkanoid play alike. Other than that, it isn't even a breakout or arkanoid clone.

Play Control Scheme

Right and left arrows to move, space bar to launch the ball / plasma missile, and r key to reload if you screw up bad.

Alternatively if you're on a mobile device or a computer with a touchscreen, mobile UI controls will be displayed and you can take advantage of those suckers.

Mission Progression

There are 7 missions total. These are layouts per each of the enemy characters. The first layout / mission is the tutorial or audition level, and then there are 6 bona fide missions afterwards.

Asset Credits

Final Thoughts

Let me know how it played for you. I kept getting frustrated by my own game but your mileage may be better than me as I am an aggressive individual with a hot temper and a short fuse; a more patient and more experienced gamer may have better luck and a better time playing it.

Thank you for trying this out.

Install instructions

Unzip the file into your Program Files subdirectory (the 64 bit apps folder, not the one marked "x86") and create a desktop shortcut using Windows Explorer to access the game.


PC Edition 90 MB

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